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This course has been entirely designed to teach you the time tested and proven secrets that will help YOU to find your dream job!

What I believe is that the entire marketplace is waiting on you to show up! That means there is a path that you are supposed to be on, for both your life and your career! And if you are not waking up EVERY single day and loving your life and loving your work then I am convinced you are NOT on the RIGHT path! But not to worry! I am here to show you exactly how to get on the RIGHT path and attain your dream job!

But not only that. I am going to help you get your answers to life’s three biggest questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? And what should I be doing with my life? I’m to help you get on your purpose path in your career life and avoid the early quarter-life career crisis!


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I coach a lot of college grads who are afraid because...

...they are about to graduate and they don’t know what’s next. I even mentor career veterans who feel like there is MORE out there for them but they don’t know what’s next or even where to start. But After they encounter me, I can usually see EXACTLY what’s inside of them, (their REAL STRENGTHS and PASSIONS) and I help them to identify with it. I help them get on the RIGHT track and ALL of them end up landing career success!

Is your life REALLY on the RIGHT track???

Let me ask you this: Are you waking up EVERY SINGLE day excited to go to work? Do you wake up every single day EXCITED about what’s gonna happen when you walk out the door? When it’s Friday do you look forward to the weekend FINALLY being here or can you NOT wait for Monday so that you can get back to work?

When you are ready to start living out your dream job, it usually starts when you FEEL like your life is just NOT on the RIGHT track. The job you have now might’ve been great when you first got it. It may have even been your DREAM job at first, but NOW it bores you to tears and you just want MORE. But maybe you don’t know what that MORE is. I’m here to show you exactly how to find it!

Here's what you will learn in this course:

  • How to find the career that's right for YOU.
  • How to fast track the skills required to obtain it.
  • How to find and open the hidden doors of career opportunity.
  • How to manufacture the "miracle career moments".
  • The secret Ninja-Level moves to outpace and outsmart your competition... And so much more!

Maybe you are graduating college soon and afraid that you don’t know what’s next...

Maybe you are a young millennial and have been working a job but you're feeling like there’s MORE, but don’t know WHERE or WHAT...

Maybe you are a career veteran and you’ve been working forever but feel like you never got the chance to find or live your dream career...


You KNOW you’re supposed to do something meaningful in the world...

You KNOW you’re supposed to do something that’s going to make an impact...

You KNOW you’re not just supposed to wake up everyday and make just enough money to live…

You KNOW that you didn’t go to school for so many years or wake up every day to work as hard as you do just so you can live an average existence! And you feel like you’re running out of time to make your dreams happen…

I’m hear to tell you - You are SUPPOSED to obtain your truest career dreams! I’m here to validate that feeling on the inside of you. To remind you of that little nagging voice (that’s inside of all of us) that pops up to remind you that you want more, and that it’s time to start DOING something about your LIFE and your legacy…

And You KNOW it because you can FEEL it!

There is a reason you stay up at night… There is a reason that you get that feeling in your gut…. That feeling that reminds you that you should be starting that business, or going after that promotion, or switching fields, or traveling or doing SOMETHING about figuring out WHERE you really belong. Did you know that your deepest and truest desires aren’t just there for no reason? That you’re ACTUALLY supposed to pursue and attain the things that your heart speaks to you about? It’s actually an inner calling for you to GET ON A SPECIFIC PATH — and along that path is where you find this thing called destiny.

How would it feel to have that clarity of vision… To KNOW you’re on the right track? And not have career confusion or have to wonder IF you’re making the right move? Or to wonder IF you’re in school for the right thing? Or IF you should switch jobs?

It’s time for YOU to get started… NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE! Whenever I mentor and counsel people on this topic, they often say to me that they feel lost in life. Well here’s your answer - You’re not LOST in life! You’re just early in the PROCESS. Whether you’re 21 or 61. But I’m here to walk you THROUGH that process and when you learn the secret steps that I am about to show you. When you go ALL the way through this course and do EVERYTHING that I’m sharing with you, you will no longer be lost! You WILL HAVE success - it’s inevitable!

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Your Instructor

Jarrod Uddin
Jarrod Uddin

Affectionately known as the “Audience Energizer”, Jarrod Uddin has been a master public speaker for his entire professional life. From TED Talks, TV shows and hundreds of empowerment assemblies, Jarrod has now dedicated his career to helping people to conquer the number one fear on the planet, Public Speaking.

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